Difference between Hanging Man and Hammer?

Would you like to see the intriguing differences between the Hanging Man and the Hammer candlestick patterns? Let me enlighten you with their unique characteristics.

The Hammer, as its name suggests, resembles a hammer with a small body and a long lower shadow. Similarly, the Hanging Man also has a small body with a long lower shadow, giving it a resemblance to a person hanging. However, the key difference lies in their placement within the market trends.

The Hammer candlestick pattern is known to appear after a bearish trend, indicating a potential reversal in the market. When the Hammer is green in color, it signifies a stronger bullish sentiment compared to a red Hammer. This color variation reflects the intensity of the bullish momentum. Furthermore, the Hammer works best when it emerges after a prolonged bearish trend, adding more weight to its reliability.

On the other hand, the Hanging Man pattern shares a similar appearance with the Hammer, but it appears after a bullish trend. This pattern triggers the activation of sellers, as their presence becomes evident. However, the bulls quickly regain control and push the price higher, showcasing their strength. Nevertheless, as the price reaches a certain point, the sellers regain their power and cause a downward movement, taking the candle down.


Analyzing the dynamics of the Hanging Man, we can observe that the sellers initially become active, but the bulls manage to exhibit some power. However, in the end, the sellers ultimately prevail, exerting their dominance. Therefore, when the Hanging Man pattern emerges during a bullish trend, it is regarded as a signal to sell.

Understanding the distinctions between the Hanging Man and the Hammer patterns is crucial for traders and investors alike. By recognizing these patterns and their implications, market participants can make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on profitable opportunities. So, keep an eye out for these powerful candlestick formations and leverage them to your advantage in the ever-evolving financial markets.

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